Getting Started To Be a Data Talent from Rakamin Academy: A Snippet of What I Have Learned and Is It Worth the Hustle?

In January 2021, I decided to enroll in Rakamin Academy: School for Career Acceleration
  • SQL | Understanding Databases and writing SQL statements & queries.
  • Python | Focused on libraries and skillset needed in Data Science: basics, processing, programming, and visualization.
  • Statistics |Descriptive and Inferential: the basics you need to start doing Machine Learning.
  • Machine Learning: Supervised and Unsupervised.
  • Final Project: Get your hands dirty with the A’s-Z’s of what you have learned during the bootcamp.
A very simple code you would understand right away after you learned in Rakamin Data Science Bootcamp, Python Module
SQL statement with inner join and conditions
  1. Python Basics
You are going to learn and use a lot of pandas data frame to start analyzing
simple countplot using Seaborn library
  1. Yes, enrolling in Rakamin Academy Data Science Bootcamp would greatly benefit you in terms of learning path/plan to be a Data Talent with their structured curriculum.
  2. Yes, they offers a perfect environment for a complete beginner. You will be surrounded with like-minded people who wants to learn the same things as you do. I personally feels very lucky to enroll in batch 7 where I met a lot of supporting and inspiring friends and instructors.
  3. No, enrolling in this bootcamp alone won’t instantly make you a good data talent. “The push” should starts and comes from yourself. Bootcamp is not your golden ticket to reach your destination be it a Data Analyst, Data Engineer, or Data Scientist.
  4. I can’t stress enough the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people, especially the ones who would and could study in the same pace as you do.
  5. Learn, learn, practice, practice, practice, ask questions, practice. It starts from the small steps but a consistent one. I personally is still continuing my learning plan I have made in the beginning of the bootcamp (P.S. the soft skills session in Rakamin would help you alot in navigating your learning and career plan)




A Data Talent; in a journey to explore the mundane and the extraordinary in life.

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Irhan Diaz

Irhan Diaz

A Data Talent; in a journey to explore the mundane and the extraordinary in life.

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